7 Reasons Why We Love To Sleep In Extra On The Weekends


We love to sleep in on weekends, don’t we? Is it a good thing, or are we doing our bodies a disservice? There are cases made on both sides, and the approach matters. You will see what I’m talking about as I get to the specifics about sleeping in as it pertains to different schedules. And we’re also going to take a look at 7 main reasons why people like to enjoy extra sleep on the weekends.

Whether parents have to get up early for work or not, they have to be up at the crack of dawn to get their kids ready for school. That can take it out of you over the course of a week’s time. With no school on the weekends, parents and kids both love to sleep in a little. Of course, younger kids make it a habit to stick to schedules and wake their parents up for Saturday morning pancakes.

People also like to sleep in on the weekends because of a lack of sleep on the weekdays in general or their mattress is just bad. If that is the case, it’s highly suggested that you have a mattress that is comfortable. One option is http://zenhavencoupon.org/ mattress that is supportive and very good for your spine. People may work overtime, or they may have had extra matters to attend to during business hours. You know how busy your week can get, and you are well aware that you need adequate sleep. If at all possible, you would get that sleep on the weekdays, but it’s not always feasible.

Then there is the fact that many people would sleep in on the weekends regardless of how much sleep they get on the weekdays. There is less demanding their attention. Sometimes we have to be pushed to perform, meaning we get lazy. If our responsibilities slow down for a day or two, we make it an opportunity to sleep in a little.

Do you maintain a consistent sleep schedule? Perhaps you do so on the weekdays, but you stay up on the weekends. You see, many people make a habit of doing that, especially when they have to go to bed early on the weekdays. They want to stay up and watch a movie, go out or do something fun on the weekends.

People keeping different hours on the weekends find themselves sleeping in a little. This is where the experts chime in and say that it’s better to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. All in unison, let’s tell them that it’s easier said than done. In all seriousness, you can see that people have quite a few reasons to get extra shuteye over the weekend, whether it’s a good idea or not.

There might be times when we sleep more than we’re supposed to, but overall, I would say most of us are suffering from a lack of sleep. What we can do about it is to try and get more sleep each and every day, instead of jamming it in on the weekend. Still, weekend sleeping is fun and a cultural staple. We don’t necessarily have to do it, but I don’t see most of us stopping anytime soon, do you?


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